your new morning routine! 
-To the one who's tried it all-
Let me guess, you've tried everything but still feel like you have no energy and no where near reaching your goals. You have tried to be healthy, but everytime you feel like you're still just not there and need more. You've tried cutting out sugar, counting macros, increasing water intake, went keto, tried the skinny coffee, and everything in between. 
See the thing is, healthy should be easy. Good nutrition should start the minute you wake up and fuel your body to keep you going the rest of the day. Simplicity is key. You want to wake up feeling like you're j-lo whos literally aging backwards. But here's the thing we don't all have the j-lo budget so we have to find something that fits into the budget of someone who works full time and barely has the left over funds for a new shirt each month. 
This morning routine makes you feel that good and its all done within 15 min max. Perfect for the one who's always running late out the door. You're used to skipping breakfast, waiting in a coffee line, and being in a constant state of fatigue. But not anymore. Not only do you feel the difference but you will see amazing changes when incoporating premium grade nutrition into your daily routine. 
Your daily multi-vitamin. You take these as soon as you wake up with a big glass of water- if you want to be fancy lemon water- In 8 minutes you're going to feel the 12 vitamins and minerals packed into two capsules flood you with energy that lasts all day. You're going to find yourself no longer needing that coffee boost in the morning, mid-day, after work.. literally wont need it ever. We have to capsules (mens and womens) the only difference mens have 10 milligrams more of caffine. 
Breakfast Shake
I'm sure your mind hears shake and instantly gets that gross texture feel in your mouth. Well our formula was designed to not have that gross texture. Its ultra-micronized just to avoid it. They come in vanilla, chocolate, apple pie, salted carmel, strawberry, fudge brownie (comming soon), and candy cane (seasonally). They keep you full and going for 3-5 hours, help with weight management, and give you additional energy. Each shake is packed full of 15g protein, 22 vitamins and minerals, enzymes, pre-and-pro-biotics and only 2g of sugar. 
Standing for Derma Fusion Technology this patch is what defined us as a company and set us apart from others. This is the first wearable nutrition. You put it on your body for 8-24 hours and as your body needs the nutrients it will absorb it. Most vitamins and minerals our body can only absorb 10% of, when you wear this your body takes what it needs- when it needs- for a total of 90% absorbtion throughout the day. There are 5 different patches to chose based on your goals! Some of the benefits are weight management, lean muscle building, energy support, mood support, mental acuity, appetite control, and more!
so you want to know more
You do not have to use all three steps, but they are designed to work together. So if you're serious about wanting to feel better & reach your goals you'll get best results using all three steps.
The three steps are all natural, plant based, non-toxic, non-GMO, and gluten free. The dfts are designed to stick with plant nectar- no adhesives used! 
Le-vel has over 30 patients and growing everyday to create more unique products you wont find anywhere else. 
These are for everyone! Are you someone like me trying to gain weight? Are you a mamma who's trying to fit back into her pre-pregnancy jeans? Are you a teacher just wanting to keep up with your class and still have a energy for a life after work? Are you a gym rat wanting to find a way to add more muscle?
They're designed for anyone wanting to fill nutritional gaps, lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight, improve energy, get your mood in check, and overall feel like you did when you were young and fun. 
There are no required sign up fees, no required autoshipments, no minimum purchase, and the best part is as a customer you can earn products free! 

xo, Shelby