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A couple of weeks ago, I rounded up some of the biggest mistakes I see photographers making on the homepages of their websites. But how could I stop there?! There are so many more pages and mistakes to dig into!
So, today I'm diving into the seven biggest mistakes I see photographers making on their ABOUT ME PAGES. And boy, are the mistakes many! But before we go any further, there's one thing I want to make sure you understand:
Your story isn't boring;
you're just telling it wrong.
You're not “just another photographer” and your story isn't the same as everyone else's! Trust me—give me 30 minutes with you and I can find an engaging, unique unique thread. I do it all the time! Even with photographers who are convinced they’ve got nothing unique to bring to the table. So, trust me…you’ve got a story in you, girl.
Now, let's talk about telling it right by digging into what NOT to do. If your about me page isn't working, it's probably because:
1. You're telling boring “and then” stories
You don't need to walk us through every moment from the time you first picked up a camera until you joined yearbook in high school until you took on your first photoshoot in college until you decided to make this a business. Instead, rely on a fascinating hook to start your about page and let your theme, “why," or philosophy lead you through the about page. We don't need the step-by-step.
2. You're relying on too many clichés
There are plenty of “wedding day third-wheels” and “photo session hype girls” out there on the internet. We don't need another. We need YOU. So, if you feel connected to those concepts, find unique ways to express them…preferably by showing (sharing an illustrative story) instead of telling.
3. You're writing too much…or not enough!
Rambly, long-winded about pages that stretch on for 800 words are just as bad as two-sentence nothing-pages. It's all about finding that Goldilocks zone right in the middle where you're sharing enough information for clients to get a real sense of who you are without getting lost along the way. Need a guideline? Aim for about 300 words!
4. You're sharing irrelevant info
It's super cool that you like coffee, want to travel to Italy, and think dogs are cute…but what does that have to do with what you do, who you serve, and how you serve them? Instead of sharing arbitrary lists of facts that mean nothing, share tidbits that reveal something interesting about yourself or your business that will uniquely connect with your ideal client. 
5. You're forgetting about your ideal client
Speaking of ideal clients…have you totally forgotten about yours? When you're writing your about me page, think of it as a note directly to a single person: the one person you want to work with. You can even imagine sitting across from them at a coffee shop while you write if that helps! Just make sure you are speaking directly to them, sharing what THEY want to know in a way they're uniquely primed to receive it.
6. You've lost the plot
Has your about page started to wander? Recenter by revisiting your “why," your mission statement, or your unique value proposition. This isn't just a random bio you're writing—it's a bio with a purpose. So, make sure your about me page content keeps that purpose in mind!
7. You've made it all about YOU
And finally, have you made your about me page, well, all about you? I know it feels counter-intuitive, but your about page isn't really just about you. It's about how who you are can uniquely serve your client! If this sounds confusing check out this recent newsletter I wrote on the topic! It'll help you make sense of who the “hero” of your website is.
So, what do you think? Feel like you've got a better handle on why that about me page just isn't doing its job? I'd love the hear from you which of these mistakes you've identified and are overcoming today! Shoot me an email and show me the change you're making! And trust me, these little adjustments can make a MASSIVE difference.
And if you ever feel like you just need a hand getting your website content written, I'm now booking my last few project slots and 90-minute strategy sessions before my maternity leave! So, don't wait to get in touch. 'Til then, happy writing!
xo, Erica
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