Hello Hello,
Welcome to Dohful's Sunday Letter, I hope you you've had an amazing weekend and are now relaxed to slay some more dragons this week.
I'm here with a very small note today. If you've been following us on Instagram, you know that yesterday we had a video shoot, talking about our love story, our first soft baked cookies & and our journey of starting Dohful
But I will not dive much into it right away. Rather, wait for the video to come our & then tell you in detail about how the experience was for us. It was a lot of firsts for both Chaman & me, that's for sure. 
During the shoot, obviously an insane amount of cookies were broken, and played with, and devoured by the whole crew. And yet again, we came to the consensus that Choco Brownie Cookie was the best cookie there ever could be and its impossible to stop once you start eating it.
Their words, not ours. Trust me! 
But it got me thinking about the time I asked you guys to name your favorite cookie and all of you guys had also voted for Choco Brownie Cookie, so this was kind of another confirmation for me. 
Therefore, here I am, being a wingman for the real hero…and I just wanna ask you…haaaaaaaave you met the Choco Brownie Cookie? 😂
Try it right away, and let us know what you think!! 
- Arushi S