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If you are only focusing on your work in the practice room, you're missing out on a heck of a lot of ways to improve and achieve the highest possible levels of performance.
As a musician you are more than a technician. It's so much more than pressing the right keys or spot on the string, getting your air or bow moving correctly, hitting the right notes at the right time.  
You also have to:
  • hit the right emotional "chord" in the music
  • know how to communicate the story or the emotions in the music effectively
  • have the tools to step on stage with bravery
  • develop both mental and physical resilience
  • keep up your physical strength and agility to bring power to your playing (and prevent injury)
  • understand how the music world is changing
  • know your strengths across categories
  • and develop the skills to position yourself for success.
This WHOLE YOU WHEEL shows the various ways you can approach who you are as a musician! 
When you bring the totality of who you are to the game, you are empowered to achieve your full potential of passion and proficiency. 
You might well already know this. Either from your teachers, learning it in real life, or the ever-growing musician wellness and entrepreneurship resources crowding the internet. The WHAT isn't hard to figure out.   
It's the putting-it-into-action, the HOW that can be challenging. Big question mark. Stumped.
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This is our mission at Music360: to help and empower you with the HOW
  • We believe everyone has something special to contribute and carries a unique gift that the world needs
  • We know it takes support to show up for yourself, step out of the doubt and turn hesitation into action
  • We design programs to help you evolve faster and adopt a practice that makes you confident in the creative work you are doing
  • We build support into the fabric of Music360 so the “I'm not ready” and “But what will they say” voices don't the the light of day
  • We build community into the programs for an environment of positive reinforcement and togetherness!
This summer is a great time to plan out the HOW and develop some routines, not just for the practice room YOU, but the out in the real world YOU!
We have some summer plans in the works for you, but here are a few programs you can jump into immediately to start moving the needle in your life and career: 
THRIVE - A membership that renews every 4 months, is currently open for enrollment!
It's 7-9 individual lessons, workshops and masterclasses each month (all made available for replay) plus a pretty astounding library of videos. It's truly a wealth of knowledge. Tuition $300 per 4-month session. Get $25 off with code SPARK until May 15, 2022! 
THE STUDIO BUILDING MASTERPLAN - For those ready to jump into creating or revamping their teaching studio! It's a modern, step-by-step guide to a sustainable and profitable studio. Tuition $697.
THE AUDITION LAB - This course is the book Behind the Screen by Ralph Skiano brought to life! The course takes you through all the steps to create a personal system to prepare for, perform and process auditions,  Tuition $247.
SERVICES - From resume and cover letter review, academic job applications, performance video editing, to practice routine and project development, we are at your service to bring your ideas to life.  Click below for info on all of these programs, as well as free resources: 
First name / Friend, take this summer to start gaining clarity on your path. It's never too early! 
Cheering for you!
Tiffany, Ixi & Ted 
U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S
MAY 15: Last day to use code ‘SPARK’ for the THRIVE SUMMER SESSION
MAY 16 8pm ET: Life Plan Thinking with Dave Ostreicher (Toyota, University of Michigan) - FREE WORKSHOP

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