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I (Tiffany) moved this weekend, so it is really feelin’ like a Monday! 
There is some special kind of tiredness after you move, isn’t there? And what’s with looking at your kitchen thinking, yeah, that’ll be about 5 boxes, and it ends up being… 15? Or, that somehow the last 2 drawers take 7 hours to pack? Haha. 📦 
Anyway, I am super excited because our new apartment has SO MUCH LIGHT! ☀️  It’s in SoMa in San Francisco, which is hardly foggy, contrary to popular belief! (If you’re ever here, be sure to say hi!!!) 
Anyway, when I woke up in the new place for the first time yesterday I thought… you know, having just a few things has the power of transforming my whole being - such as big windows, sun, hot beverages. It’s petty spectacular what those little things will do for us, especially when we take a minute to acknowledge them and give our thanks for their existence. 
That inspired me to hand over some ways to transform your day or week in small - but impactful - ways! I'll be doing these this week as I reset and get used to a new place… so let's do them together!
  1. BREATHE! We all gotta do it… and this weekend in the midst of the move I was doing some 4x7x8 breathing because… #overwhelemed by too many boxes/chaos everywhere. A simple exercise like this can transform your day! It’s #3 in this PDF, our Guide to Better Breathing!
  2. WALK! When you’re feeling stuck this week, are in a practice rut, OR just had a really nice practice session, walk it off. Man, I always forget what even a 5 minute walk can do for the spirit.
  3. WRITE! 3 things you’re grateful for this very second. Sincerely, it makes all the difference. Or, instead of what you’re grateful for, try “3 things that are going right.” That works, too, and maybe the different angle helps you come up with additional answers.
These are just some easy, little boosts… simple to adapt and integrate yet they’ve got long lasting impacts. ❤️ 
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As always, thanks for reading and thanks for being a part of our little community. 
Here’s to a sunny week! 
Tiffany, Ixi & Ted 

TODAY! Monday, May 16, 8pm ET
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Be more like the lemonade double espresso!
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