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6 Tips to achieve your goals and stay balanced doing it! 
1. Prioritize your sleep Your rest is key to cognitive health. Sleep, rest, relaxation, fun = a happy healthy you. 
2. Commit to small daily habits  Consistency is the cornerstone of growth. The learning is in the doing, and over time, you discover your own solutions! 
3. Know how to use your time wisely  From when you're going to practice, to how you practice and what goes into your practice - - organizing your time is important! 
4. Create a supportive environment  The people, things and atmosphere you surround yourself with plays a BIG role in the choices you make and actions you take.
5. Know how to ask for help  Hire a coach. It's worth every penny for the motivation and accountability it provides. Or find a program, or community. Like-minded energy paves the road when all you see are obstacles! 
6. Learn to see with a wide angle lens. Sometimes the best lessons come out of the blue, from art, architecture, science, comedy, or sport! 
We believe in these things so fiercely, we created our flagship program around all these things. It's called Thrive, and we hope you've seen all the communications about it. Today is the last day to enroll (we open 3x a year) - and hope we can help you make a leap in your practice and performance. 
As always, we are cheering for you, 
Tiffany, Ted & Ixi
p.s.  Use code MDW25 for 25% off and a 30-min consult! Expires midnight tonight!
p.p.s. Music360 serves young artists, emerging artists, experienced musicians and teaching artists at all levels. Whether you're in high school or have been in music for 60 years, we design programs  - like Thrive -that support you through your current journey!  Go to our website and look around! 

Throughout the month there are opportunities to dig into your career, wellness and performance! 
These topics address the 360 of who you are and what you - and only you - can offer the world. 
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But what does?
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