• Today is the LAST DAY to apply to From Work to Worth, and this is a joint July/August compilation Notes from Nishaland.
  • I left my job a year ago TODAY! Yay! My top 10 joys are listed below.
  • I'm excited to take my first international trip to Ecuador for a retreat in a couple of weeks!
  • I deleted my social media apps and I'm seeking ways to be in an interdependent rather than a codependent relationship with it.
  • I'm re-considering how I communicate with you through this newsletter and through The Healing Hype.
  • I dealt with a lot of apathy and disconnection this month, and I don't think I'm the only one.
  • I'm PSYCHED for From Work to Worth, and Delight with Nisha in Nature has been so lovely, you can still book a spot here.
  • If you haven't taken my Boundary Phase Quiz, have have you even been doing??? I also piloted a new one-on-one offering that combines Human Design and the Nervous System, respond and let me know if you dig this idea.
  • I finally read a fiction book after a LONG time of not reading one lol.
  • Sonya wuvs her widdle box and Vera is a curtain rod breaker queen.
Before I get into it, here are two notes:
(1) Today is the LAST DAY to apply to From Work to Worth. Learn more here, and apply here.
(2) This is a Notes from Nishaland for both July and August, and it's my 1 year quit-aversary, so it might be a bit longer than others.
I can't believe it has been a year building my own business. Not only is this a big deal because it just is, but it's also a big deal I did not grow up with parents who were business owners. This whole thing was very unfamiliar to me. At the same time, I remember always having ideas and wanting to start things on my own as a kid, I just never had the confidence to do it. I always thought I had to have it all “figured out” first. What I've learned is that is what building a business is, figuring it out WHILE you do it, while of course having values that you do you best to abide by.
Here are 10 JOYS and LESSONS I've experienced since leaving my job:
Here are 10 JOYS I've experienced since leaving my job!
  1. I coached 19 humans in group containers and 6 humans in long-term one-on-one settings, have done 44 human design readings, and had idk how many one-off consultations and healing assessments (prolly 30?), and not wanting to count those gives me JOY!
  2. I gave four(!!!) keynote addresses and facilitated 29 workshops around trauma-informed care, collective care, relating, nervous system care, ancestral healing, boundaries, intergenerational trauma, worth, values, and white supremacy culture. I absolutely love sharing this sacred information with others…I feel so energized during and after I facilitate. Ok, I'm tired too, BUT ALSO ENERGIZED ⚡️😴
  3. I was gifted wisdom from amazing teachers like June Kaewsith, Simone Grace Seol, and James-Olivia Chu Hillman. Collectively they taught me about embodiment, honesty, and responsibility.
  4. I collaborated and co-created with incredible humans including Daniela, Channdika, Palesa, June, Shereene, Sofia, Shirani, Shroot, Alyson, Sara, Randy, Urmi, Salma, Ryookyung, George, and Christy and probably so many others I'm forgetting and I'm so sorry, I quit having coffee this week and my brain is weird.
  5. I birthed two brand new containers: Boundaries for BIPOC and From Work to Worth.
  6. I created a 30 Days of JOY challenge, where people joined a chat group and shared what their joys were for 30 days! It was so lovely. A very common theme is being in awe of the Earth and co-regulating with other humans cuz CONNECTION!
  7. I started a private Slack community called The Sphere for folks who have invested in me where we share gratitude, memes, advice, and whatever else is on our mind! I love staying connected with the people I have worked with. (If you've invested in The Healing Hype, a Human Design reading, or coaching and didn't get an invite, respond to this email and lemme know!)
  8. After I completed Jumakae's Roots to Rise story medicine coaching container, she asked me to be a co-coach! I feel so blessed to witness and support more BIPOC as they unveil their ancestral story medicine.
  9. I WON a coaching program called Speaking 4 Profit! I actually won something, I never win anything, yayayayayy! This program was so supportive as well, it really helped me be more focused about my speaking offerings and it led me to securing two new clients and creating a Speaking section on my website!
  10. I made so many new sweet, loving, critical, caring, and changemaking friends on the internet, and I met some in real life!!! 💝🤗 You'll later learn about how I'm recalibrating my relationship with social media, because I don't want to quit it for good, these relationships have been so life giving while I do work that can feel very isolating while I work from home.
Thank you all for being here with me too! It truly has been a ride, a lot of trial and error, and just navigating what it's like to create my own schedule, how and what I share with you, and what I want to continue to birth, nurture, and let go of as well. For most of my life (and for most people), my days has been dictated by someone else's schedule whether it was school or work. So figuring out what works best for my energy flow has been a journey, and it continues!
This is Vera and me on my last day of my 9-5 where I used to sit at my kitchen table to work. This is the only pic I took that day!
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Here are 10 LESSONS I've experienced since leaving my job!
  1. Always check to see if the Zoom link is integrated into the calendar appointment 😆
  2. Relationships are life-giving sustenance in every way.
  3. Ideas can just be ideas, I don't have to act on all of them or feel like I “failed” because I'm not pursuing one of them.
  4. If one of my offers isn't received in the way I desire, that says nothing about my coaching skills.
  5. My title or Instagram bio doesn't define who I am or my “success” as a coach.
  6. Past results do not determine future opportunities.
  7. Always consider what can feel grounding for people in spaces you hold. Consider current events. Consider your own mental and emotional location as well.
  8. Build breaks in your day.
  9. You can only learn so much before you realize you need take action.
  10. Embody what you teach, teach what you embody. Receive in return.
What do you think? If you're an entrepreneur, what else other joys or lessons have you experienced?
I'm also excited that I'll take my first international trip since COVID began in about a week! I'm going to Ecuador for a wellness retreat! I think this will be a beautiful way to close out my first year and begin my second. And that will be followed almost immediately by starting From Work to Worth!
My biggest unlearning happened last weekend when my brain was on overload and I deleted ALL my social media apps. I've never done a social media detox so this is new for me. I spent all of Sunday app free, and I felt like I saw everything differently. That same day, I wrote about it on The Healing Hype. It make me wonder how I can simplify my life in general, how much I had been avoiding cuz I was “busy” aka scrolling on social media 🤦🏾‍♀️, and how my attention felt erratic. I started to see how much I mindlessly scroll, check metrics, and start scrolling again.
Navigating social media while having your own business is tricky because it really helps to connect with others doing the same work, and I have gotten clients from social media as well! I am determined to find a way to have more of an interdependent relationship with it instead of a codependent one.
I first learned about codependency during a rough time in my marriage, but I didn't learn about the power of interdependency until I read bell hooks' All About Love. She writes:
We can celebrate and honor communalism and interdependency by sharing resources. All these gestures show a respect and a gratitude for life. When we value the delaying of gratification and take responsibility for our actions, we simplify our emotional universe. Living simply makes loving simple. The choice to live simply necessarily enhances our capacity to love. It is the way we learn to practice compassion, daily affirming our connection to a world community.
How can I be with social media without constantly feeling like I am adjusting and assimilating to it? Can it even feel like a loving relationship when it's creates mechanisms that keep us sucked in? While I believe that the master's tools cannot dismantle the master's house, I also believe that I can create boundaries to be at a healthy distance from social media while also using it to connect to real humans and support my business. I'm not trying to dismantle it necessarily, I'm trying to figure out how to interact with it in a way that also allows me to be in integrity with myself.
One thing I have noticed is that scrolling feels very disembodied. So most of this week, I used the browser version of Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. That way, I didn't feel like continually scrolling. I used it for what I needed, looked at a few things that caught my eye, and then went on to my next task. I also notice that sometimes I feel the need to respond right away, or I'm overly inspired by ALL.THE.IDEAS! I get so inspired that I don't get to finish developing the last idea I had! So placing nourishing limits is critical and being intentional is critical. This whole experience has made me see the word “intention” in a new way, and I plan to write about that soon. Have you also experienced social media overload? I'd love to hear what limits you have placed, especially if you use social media for your business. Hit reply and let me know!
This is also making me think about how I want to communicate with you, as this is something I've been thinking about  for awhile well. As you know, I send you these monthly emails, and I send emails about free and paid offers I provide. I also share my thoughts about healing and liberation on my blog, The Healing Hype. I really want to simplify all of this so I feel less scattered and that is translated to you when you receive all of this.
The last thing I wanted to mention here is that in the past month or so, I've dealt with a lot more apathy and disconnection. It's like part of my body knows I love what I do and knows that I serve others well…but there's a part of me that's disconnected from it. I wrote how it helps to go outside, connect with others, and try new things. And, it also helps for me to have a direction, talk to my therapist, and just sit with the the feelings that come up. When I push feelings down or avoid them, it's like resisting them and not allowing very human feelings to emerge. I also remind myself that this is all after the big Roe v. Wade blow that we all saw coming but still hurts. The world is just, ugh, a mess. And with the new variant, it's like we keep getting beaten down. I think this led to me paring down my time on social media, and this past week has been drastically different. I feel way more connected and embodied.
I also heard other people have been feeling “out of it” too. Maybe it's the stars, maybe it's just global wtf overload. I think this is another reason I do what I do. It's not just to remind ourselves that wellness and healing is possible, it's also to say that sometimes you'll feel really out of it and that is a very okay human thing.


I am sooo excited for the first From Work to Worth cohort! Remember, today's the last day to apply if you're interested. I'm happy to offer additional payment options if that's a concern. The humans already in this container make me so giddy, and I can't wait to experience how we shift, individually and collectively, our relationship to work and worth.
AND, I have been DELIGHTING with others in my new beta offer Delight with Nisha in Nature. I still have a few spots left next week if you want to connect to a part of nature with me for 30 min 🍓🌳🌻
Christine said “I love that I got to cultivate a deeper relationship with my plant friend and with nature through visioning and communing with it!” Hetal said, “Nisha's kindness and patience with whatever feeling and thoughts I have make me feel validated.” - feel free to make an appointment here if you want to nab the few spots remaining for next week. I just ask for a minimum $5 donation to my BIPOC Healing Fund.
Also, have you taken my Boundary Phase Quiz??? I'd love to hear what you got if you have, and how you're relating to it. What information does this phase tell you? Respond and let me know! (For real, I love when people respond to me)
This past week I also piloted an intensive offer where I did a Human Design Reading and Nervous System Mapping and integrated the two of them in three hours 🤩 It really lit me up, and it was so cool to see how these two frameworks can be connected and supportive to people so they can tend to their nervouus systems while making decisions. I am thinking to offer these later this year. If you're interested, let me know 🥰


Since it's been a couple months, I've finished a few books! Here's a summary.
Finished reading:
  • Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman. This is the book I mentioned in my latest post on The Healing Hype. I'm a little more than halfway through and wow. This is making me think about time and to-do lists and leisure in so many different ways. It reminds me that forcing myself to be present in the moment can also be a form of control that isn't that different than being anxious about the future.
  • Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski. This was a great book to understand burnout, especially for people who have come to a point of burnout and want some validation and practical tools. I listened to the audiobook narrated by both authors which was really nice. I think they both do a great job of regarding race throughout the book as well.
  • Disorientation by Elaine Hsieh Chou. I read a novel! YAY! This was satirical, funny, and a great way of using tropes to get important points across while being super surprised along the way. The tropes are not just like ONE Asian trope either, it really takes a few approaches, and then digs a litle deeper. It plot gets so ridiculous while you also realize how ridiculous reality is.
  • Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief by Claire Bidwell Smith. A friend recommended this book to me, and I truly enjoyed it. It is so so resourceful for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. Grief is wild, and the author, who lost both of her parents while she was young, is not only a therapist who has focused on grief, but has also been through the depths of grief herself. I loved how she included a section on writing through grief. I have so many ideas on what I want to write to and about my dad , especially with his 10 year death anniversary coming up.
Currently reading
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As I mentioned earlier in The Healing Hype, I wrote a post about how I deleted my social media apps and then pulled a very validating tarot card. I felt so supported by people's comments as well as their own reflections on their social media use.
You can always subscribe as a paying member of The Healing Hype to get access to Nisha's Greatest Hits! As a paying member, I'll also add you to my private chat group for support and fun chats :) I'd love to have you as part of it! So subscribe and invest $5/month or $50/year if you want that support and community. I do use the term Nisha's Greatest Hits! ironically. These are my in-the-moment thoughts that I dictate and transcribe. However, I do feel that they are the greats 😉
Here are some of my public Nisha's Greatest Hits!
  1. Emotional insecurity, perfection, and process
  2. Hey Monday - or - Time is a cycle
  3. Are we driven internally or externally to accomplish?
  4. On Urgency: What’s the desire behind the desire?
Sonya so heppy she fit in box so purrrrfect. Vera is sometime terribl and brek curtin rod frum wall but she still qween.
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As always, here are some great things I've read, heard, or watched lately:

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