designing professional development that nurtures
the process of caring for and encouraging the 
growth and development of someone or something.
 the challenge
Professional development that ticks the box but misses the mark.
Scripted and highly structured training can leave team members feeling leadership is tone deaf to their current experience and exhausted with one more thing to integrate or implement.
What if professional development:
-identified and connected to employee experience
-offered a framework to process challenges
-created real time experiments with strategies
-leveraged the organization's mission
-provided tools that are practical for leading & living well
-improved livability for employees
-connected content to grow the desired workplace culture
-nurtured capacity to do work so the mission comes to life
AND offered a tangible return on investment? 
the potential
Nurtured teams, people who are cared for and encouraged to grow and develop, are more inspired and show greater resilience to bring the mission to life.
Resiliency is about addressing your organization's greatest vulnerability; the risk to workforce wellbeing amidst rising rates of mental health challenges, burn out and turnover.   -New Life Solutions Inc.
the plan
Your organization is unique, so your plan needs to be designed with you to assure relevancy and sustainable solutions and strategies that nurture resilience.
Training, coaching, consulting and strategies that speak to the soul of leaders so they can first lead themselves well and then lead their teams into wellbeing. 
table principles @work
Shift from doing the “one and done” training to offering professional trainings that have more intentional and lasting impact on how you and your team live and lead.
                           Together let's design development                                              strategies that nurture resilience in you and                              your teams,
Sandy has a passion behind her work that empowers, encourages, and engages individuals to become better versions of themselves. I'm using the tools provided to grow in my role at work, home and personally.
                   —mental health professional
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