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You have to be a great communicator. 
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Ok, not quite like that, exactly, but communication, how you engage, how you express and how you connect, is something that will elevate you on and off stage. 
We often forget this when we are so focused on perfecting all the little technical details in our practice rooms! 
WHY did you choose to go into music? Because at some point in time, you felt moved by it. You loved the emotion behind it. You loved the electricity of playing together with others in an ensemble. You loved the blend of your sound played in time with others! 
Chances are, you aren't thinking about this enough when you're practicing. Most of the time, you're thinking “omg I have to get my tonguing faster” or “I need to master those shifts" or “Yikes I have to learn these notes fast, my jury is in a week”! 
When you zoom out, take a pause and think about what you are communicating, you start applying musical solutions to technical problem and …BOOM! Things shift, things get clearer (and easier)!  So practicing communication is being clear about what you WANT TO SAY & what your MUSICAL  INTENTION is.  
One of the lessons we're going to teach in the Thrive Challenge (beginning tonight at 4pm PT / 7pm ET) is that in order to thrive as a musician in the 21st century, you have to be a GREAT COMMUNICATOR! 
This isn't only about how you you sing a phrase, draw people in, provide an emotional experience that they remember and talk about days afterwards, or tell a story through sound. It's also relevant in many ways OFF STAGE. 
We will be looking at, talking about, and most importantly, TAKING ACTION ON the WHOLE YOU.  The one that yearns to thrive. And together, we'll do just that!  Want the details? Keep reading!
// 7-Day THRIVE Challenge! // 
We start this challenge TONIGHT!  7 workshops with action plans will help you think about the unique way you can show up and impact the world with your music. 
8/15 Day 1: PERFORMANCE & CAREER - How are you set up to thrive as a 21st century musician?
8/17 Day 2: BUSINESS - Who are you? The Skills Pyramid
8/19 Day 3: INCOME - Money & Emotions
8/22 Day 4: BODY WELLNESS - The Embodied Musician
8/24 Day 5: MIND WELLNESS - Endless Possibilities
8/26 Day 6: HEART WELLNESS - Embracing the hard
8/28 Day 7: THE WHOLE YOU - Seeking and creating opportunity
We want you to feel fulfilled, empowered and ready to take the next step on your journey. We're teaching LIVE because we want to connect with you. It makes a big difference! Your teachers are me, Ixi, Ted and our new THRIVE co-host, Nick Photinos! To learn more and register, click the image below! 
Tiffany, Ixi & Ted 
p.s:  It's more fun with a friend! Forward the 7-Day THRIVE Challenge to a buddy and complete it together!  There just might be a prize at the end for a lucky someone who finishes the challenge! 

Myth, busted.
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3 tips on speaking from stage
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