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Here we are, Tiffany, Nick, Ixi and Ted yesterday during the last day of the 7-day THRIVE Challenge. We were talking about the things that have helped us most as we seek & create opportunity as musicians. 
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Here were our 6 best tips for how YOU can seek & create opportunity in your musical (and non-musical) life! 
  1. Center around your purpose. Don't narrow your focus on specific opportunities but instead look outward and see ALL the ways you can fulfill that purpose!
  2. Don't be afraid to take messy action. It ain't pretty when you jump into a new project and face the fear of failure! But guess what? It's only through action that you can find answers!
  3. DIVE IN! And know you may fail more than you succeed, but you'll always learn. And, listen closely to the things you decide to dive into - what do they have in common? 
  4. When others go right, go left. Look at what others AREN'T doing, what music ISN'T being played, who ISN'T being heard, and ask yourself what your role can be in making that happen.
  5. Imagine all the ways you can monetize your skills sets and CONTRIBUTE to the world! Who can you help with what you know?
  6. Ask for help. You do not have to do this alone. That is a terrible assumption!
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When we started THRIVE, we asked: how do we help musicians seek & create opportunity in their lives by developing the artistic skills, entrepreneurial mindset and wellness toolkit to THRIVE as a musician in our rapidly changing world?
Wishing you a great week and sending a lot of love, 
Tiffany, Ixi & Ted 
p.s:  Catch all the 7-day THRIVE challenge video replays here

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