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Ever feel like the New Year should really be right after Labor Day?! Tiffany here and I feel like fall is the ultimate reset… summer fades and schedules, events, and routine come back with the power of 1400 blazing suns! 🌝 ☀️ 
But… actually, I love it. I love a new school year, a new notebook and what it all represents: another chance to reset and focus on the ways I want to impact the world and get after it. I hope you love it, too. 
In the spirit of the fall “new year”, we’ve got 4 thoughts for you today on how to make the most of this time between now and the end of the calendar year and some resources that may help you! 
  1. Dream big, but do bigger
  2. Perform more (that includes recording)
  3. Differentiate yourself
  4. Be in charge of your music making
To read all about these 4 thoughts, check out the blog post today 👇 !
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One of our favorite planning tools is looking at a chunk of time on ONE piece of paper! We call this the continuous calendar, and here's a downloadable PDF of one for Sept-Dec 2022! Mark in your big events and get a view of the whole picture. 

2 awesome workshops coming up for you this week that we really think will help you kickstart your fall!  
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Read the blog post, download the continuous calendar and check out the upcoming events including 2 workshops this week on performance anxiety & goal setting! 
Have a wonderful week! 
Tiffany, Ixi & Ted 

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Got an audition coming up?!
We've got something for you, no matter your instrument! In this 6-module digital course, seasoned audition veteran & principal clarinetist of the Detroit Symphony Ralph Skiano brings his book, Behind the Screen: A Winner's Guide to Preparing Your Next Audition, to vivid life. Step-by-step, he'll coach you to effectively organize your materials and time in order to maximize your potential at your next audition.
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