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feb. 17 - Feb. 24
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Day of Hate
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A neo-Nazi group in eastern Iowa designated Saturday, February 25 as a "Day of Hate" across the nation. The organizers are instructing white supremacists to drop hateful banners, distribute stickers and flyers, graffiti public spaces, and subsequently upload these hateful actions to the internet to amplify the message of hate.
The Chicago Police Department and the New York Police Department have already issued special warnings to their Jewish communities and are encouraging all Jews to stay vigilant. “Dedicated days of action” have become a common tactic among white supremacists since it was first popularized by the hate group White Lives Matter.

National Day of Hate
Feburary 25th

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  • “#Israel,” “#freepalestine,” “#Palestinians,”  “#Syria,” “Human Rights,” “Apartheid State of #Israel,”  - Related to the discussion of Israel-Palestine. Conversations of Israel was especially rampant this week due to the recent Israel Defense Force (IDF) military operation in the West Bank and Syria
  • “Concentration camp” - See below.
  • “JP Morgan,” “Jeffrey Epstein,” “child trafficking” - Related to discussion of a report linking former JPMorgan executive Jes Staley to Epstein. People online are comparing this situation to when JPMorgan cut ties with Kanye West over his antisemitism.
  • “Jeremy Corbyn,” “#itwasascam,” “Labour Party,” “#EU” - Related to discussion of antisemitism in the U.K. See prior version of “From the Command Center.”
  • “South Africa” - Related to the expulsion of Israeli government officials from the African Union summit in Ethiopia. 
  • “Trans people” - Related to conversation around the perceived antisemitism and transphobia in the new Hogwarts Legacy video game. See prior version of “From the Command Center.”
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Goyim Defense League
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Members of the white supremacist group Goyim Defense League (GDL) distributed antisemitic flyers and held hateful demonstrations across the state of Florida this past weekend. Pictures of group members holding anti-Jewish banners over International Speedway Boulevard outside Daytona Beach went viral, as well as videos of Jon Minadeo, the group’s founder, harassing Jewish individuals outside Chabad of South Orlando, which has been viewed over 7 million times.
These events are a part of a worrying trend of antisemitic incidents in Florida. A Jewish man was assaulted while riding a bicycle through Dania Beach this past week, and videos emerged of a soccer team from a Jewish high school being physically and verbally assaulted with antisemitic slurs, such as “Hitler was Right.”
On social media, many users have been reacting to these events by calling for Gov. Ron DeSantis to speak out and condemn these acts of hatred.

Ron DeSantis
Jon Minadeo
Vile Hatred

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“Concentration Camp”
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The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), an organization linked to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, recently shared a tweet claiming to display a photograph depicting the alleged "Tantura Massacre of 1948." However, a Holocaust expert has since debunked the claim, stating that the photograph actually shows a Nazi concentration camp in Germany.
Many individuals seized this opportunity to criticize the BDS movement, expressing shock and dismay that the movement would resort to such lows. Although the story first broke last Thursday, it continued to generate attention throughout the week as more people voiced their outrage.

Nazi Concentration Camp 
Massacre of Palestinians 
BDS Shares

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