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feb. 24 - Mar. 3
Aerial view of the Funeral of Elan Ganeles/ via: StandWithUs
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Mentions of Israel were especially high this week due to the murder of two Israeli brothers outside the town of Hawara and the violent settler riots that ensued, and the murder of an Israeli-American north of the Dead Sea. 
The conversation began to grow Sunday evening, soon after the Hawara attack, and spiked considerably after news broke of the Israeli settlers’ rampage. Users shared videos and photos of the incident and condemned the riots, comparing them to pogroms and genocide. This led to an exceptionally high number of mentions of “apartheid” and “ethnic cleansing.” 

The conversation spilled into the next day and slightly increased Monday afternoon when the murder of Elan Ganeles was first reported, which garnered a response from students at Columbia University, his alma mater.

Israeli Setllers 
Israeli Apartheid 
Ethnic Cleansing

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  • “National Day of Hate,” “white supremacists,” “Neo-Nazi groups,” “Jewish communities,” “United States,” “#ShabbatOfPeaceNotHate,” - Related to last weekend’s reported “National Day of Hate.” See below.
  • “Social Media” - Related to conversations about the presence of antisemitism and white supremacy on social media. Many users are citing the recent arrest of a Michigan resident who threatened to kill state elected Jewish officials on his social media accounts.
  • "Israeli Apartheid," “burning Palestinian,” “ethnic cleansing.” “Israeli settlers are burning,” “apartheid state,” “State of Israel,” “#Israel” - Related to discussion of Israel-Palestine. See above.  
  • “#Auschwitz,” “#BiologicalTerror,” “#IslamicRegime” - Related to a wave of viral tweets that compare the alleged exposure of Iranian schoolchildren to harmful chemicals to Auschwitz and the Holocaust.
  • “Labour Party” - Related to discussion of antisemitism in the U.K. See prior version of “From the Command Center.”
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"Day of Hate"
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White supremacists across the country labeled last Saturday as a “National Day of Hate” against Jews. Despite the promotion of this threat, no major antisemitic incidents were reported across the United States last weekend. 

Jewish communities across the country showed their resilience and strength in the face of hate. Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan held an outdoor Shabbat service and declared the day as a "Day of Resolve." Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.), used #ShabbatOfPeaceNotHate to show solidarity with the Jewish community and combat hate.

Law Enforcement
Jewish Communities
Resolve and Solidarity

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“Khazarian Mafia"
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The "Khazarian Mafia" is an antisemitic conspiracy theory that seeks to delegitimize Jewish connections to Israel and evokes antisemitic tropes of dual loyalty and control. It falsely claims that Ashkenazi Jews are not the "real Jews" from Israel but descendants of Khazars, a semi-nomadic Turkic people who allegedly converted to Judaism in the seventh century. This theory has been debunked by numerous studies.
Although the conspiracy has been around since the eighth century, it received renewed attention in the last year with the Russian invasion of Ukraine because the Khazars lived in modern-day Ukraine. This week, the conspiracy was invoked as U.S. Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen, who is Jewish, visited Ukraine to express support for the country amid the ongoing war.

Ashkenazi Jews 
Real War 
Deep State

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