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Happy March! We have lots of new stuff up on our site! You may have seen some of it already if you were watching the Just Added page last week. We always get things up on the site FIRST before we post about it or talk about it in our Drop Email on Mondays. Our Monthly Announcements & Promo Images are almost always on the site within the first couple days of the month. 
We have our FIRST March Madness WINNER to celebrate! Congratulations Brandi Wheeler! We are drawing a New Member every Monday to win our March Madness Giveaways! 
We are celebrating hitting over 1,000 TOOLS {actually closer to 1,500} in our Gallery! That is over 1,500 in Tools that can help YOU grow your business! Almost all of these tools have multiple images and pieces of content that are included with them, so we are probably well over 3,000 graphics in our Gallery at this point! 
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You may have already heard that a price increase is coming this Spring. Starting April 1st, our Gallery Membership will be $15 a month for New Members ONLY. That means that everyone who is already signed up before April 1st will STAY locked in at the $12 Membership rate.  If you have an Annual Membership, you will also stay at your current rate. 
Already have a membership to our Gallery?
We would love to appreciate YOU during our March Madness Giveaways too! We don't have a Pot of Gold to give you, but a pot of coffee can sometimes feel pretty close! ☕ So in March you can get a FREE Starbucks on us for EVERY new member you refer! 
Ask them to enter your name on the Referral form when they sign up, and then in April we will send you a Gift Card with the amount you earned! 🎉
Learn more about our March Madness & Price Increase HERE
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March New Consultant Options
Use this to promote the March Start Up Options to your prospects! You can print it and include it in your orders/mailers or send it out as an image!
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March Announcements & Promo Images
Use these tools with your team/unit each month and for yourself to keep the company challenges and promotions in front of you. We have these tools ready for you within the first couple days of the month so keep an eye on the Just Added page for them each month. 

Our March Spotlight Page is live and features the following:
  • March Announcements
  • Updated Golden Rule Recognition
  • March Connection Card and coordinating Sticker
  • March Recognition Templates
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in case you missed it:
At Glam Boss Graphics you have instant access to over 1,500 professional Tools for your business with no contracts, so you can subscribe and unsubscribe at anytime! Our Gallery of downloads continues to grow each week and for $12/Month you get EVERYTHING in our Gallery!! That’s just $3 a week friends!! We pour our hearts into creating these tools for you each week, so we think the tools above are worth 3 buckaroos don't you!? In addition to the 1,500+ tools and 3,000+ graphics that are already in our Gallery for you! So if you haven’t subscribed yet.. what are you waiting for!? Go nooooooow. And tell your friends! 
We appreciate you supporting our family and our small business, so that we can continue to serve yours! 
thank you for YOUR SUPPORT!
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