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a Digital Digest for Modern Relationships

vol. 2, no. 3

March marks the start of spring, our unofficial new year. Clocks tip forward, daffodils greet the sun and inspiration and advice blossoms in the unlikeliest of places…like, say, a dance app for teens or a sex therapist celebrating her 95th birthday this summer. We consider a world without Viagra and navigating relationships in a housing crisis. Our Rebel, Ainsley, makes their New York Times debut and we imagine our own Love Story as a bestseller. 
– Amy, founder of BANDIT & Modern Rebel
Hot Takes 

  • Ainsley, our Director of Brand + Marketing, spoke with the Times on creating welcoming weddings for all genders. (NYTimes)
  • Romance? In this economy? With affordable housing increasingly scarce comes a new trend in love: the Inflationship (The Face)
  • For Women's History Month, V breaks down the correlation between increasing women's rights and down-trending marriage rates. (Under the Desk News)
  • A Tennessee bill allowing clerks the right to deny marriage licenses to same-sex, interfaith, or interracial couples, puts marriage equality in peril across the US. (New Republic)
Expert Advice: Good Sex 101

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None of us were born with an owner's manual (to our knowledge) and yet there's an unspoken assumption that when it comes to getting busy, we should know about our business. Cyndi Darnell, a sex therapist and clinical sexologist says that simply isn't the case. “No one receives sex and relationship education so people have confused sex education with reproduction. We’re also told sex is natural, and therefore, we don’t need to teach it. If it were natural, no one would struggle with it.” (NYTimes)
Sex + Intimacy

  • With convos increasing around fertility rates, we couldn't help but wonder, what would the world look like without the little blue pill? (Medium)
  • Sex toys have been around for 30,000+ years; relatively speaking, the vibrator is the NKOTB. A brief history on the buzzy-bestie. (Well+Good)
  • Great sex is good cardio. 3 tips to get the most out of your work-out…er, spicy time. (Insider)
Seven For Seven: Ilana + Kris

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Photo: Ilana + Kris
In our new feature, Seven For Seven, couples answer our seven questions in seven words or less. From Phoenix, Arizona, caretaker, Ilana, and her hilarious wife, Kris share guilty pleasures and prioritizing alone time together.

Who made the first move? Technically Ilana did! Liked Kris’s profile first :)
What does your love look like? Massages and house projects 😆
Our guilty pleasure is: 90 Day Fiancé and other trashy shows!
It’s a constant struggle to: Go on dates and having time alone
How do you keep the sparks sparking? Acts of love and little surprises
What’s messy in your relationship? Sometimes, our house! & Kris’s work life balance
Our marriage mantra: Choose each other every day


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Bandit Bests

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  • 📵 TikTok faces a national ban but until then, relationship advice from the tt-trenches:
  • 🎥 Shot on a single day in LA, the Barry Jenkins docuseries Another Young Couple is an intimate and moving vignette of newly-wed love. (Psyche)
  • 📺 In UnPrisoned, a relationship therapist reconnects with her recently released father. Lots of laughs, but keep tissues handy: the Big Feels jump out fast. (Hulu)
  • 💌 Modern Rebel Chelsea recently turned us onto The Adventure Challenge, romantic prompts & date ideas delivered to your door or digitally. 
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