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Ramblings, Reflections and Ruminations of Daniel Giamario
Signs and Constellations Updated
Special Spica/Libra Full Moon 
by Daniel Giamario
All School Gathering, April 11-17
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Beginner's Corner 
with Sheridan Semple
Beginner's Circle Call
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Monthly Member's Call
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Ramblings, Ruminations 
and Reflections of Daniel Giamario 
Why We Use The Signs and Love The Constellations
As a lead up to presentations at our upcoming 2023 All-School Gathering in Oracle/AZ, April 11-17, and in response to frequent questions, Daniel is sharing some thoughts on the always fascinating understandings and misunderstandings regarding the differences between signs and constellations. Also investigated are the ongoing controversies about tropical and sidereal zodiacs. 
Special Spica/Libra Full Moon 
by Daniel Giamario 
The patroness of Ireland is Saint Brigid, who had originally been the Goddess Brigid. As of 2023, Ireland has declared St. Brigid Day a public holiday, generally being celebrated on February 1st. We can commend Ireland in taking this step, linking the past to the present. This is based on Brigid’s long held connection to Imbolc, one of the four sacred cross-quarter days in many Northern Hemisphere calendars.
What does this have to do with the April Full Moon?
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April 11-17 All School Gathering 
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Beginner's Corner
with Sheridan Semple
Join TOTAMS Astrologer Sheridan Semple as she takes you through the upcoming lunar cycle of April 5 - May 5 2023 on Stellarium, the free online app that allows you to see your chart and follow the planets in the sky!   
Beginner's Circle Call 
with Mary Kern and Sheridan Semple
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