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On this Mother's Day, I am reflecting on the essence of Motherhood.  To me, at its core, mothers are the givers of life.  We are all here because of them!  And one mother I am particularly fond of is Mother Nature.  Her ability to support and nurture us corresponds to how much she is respected and supported herself.  During my lake dip in a Truli this morning, I expressed my deep gratitude for her. 
Anyone else jumping in for a swim, paddle, or scuba for Mother's Day today?
Or maybe you've been waiting to get a Truli to help ease your way into the cold water?  Well if you're keen, I have two of the best deals I've ever created…
  1. You Choose Deal!  Purchase a Truli at a reduced rate as a final sale online or in-person at The Fitting Room in Tobermory, Ontario.
  2. Bulk Buy Deal!  Purchase 10 wetsuits for $1000.
Don't forget - Not all sizes are in stock anymore (check Size Availability)!  On March 1st I announced that I wouldn't be restocking wetsuits and am winding down the business by Fall 2024. I've been chatting with individuals who responded to my call out for Women's Wetsuit Visionaries in case anyone was interested in taking Truli Wetsuits on as their own.  I am not in a rush to sell, so if you have any interest at all, you are welcome to join the conversation - Let's chat!
And please post your Truli for sale if you're not using it anymore as I receive requests for sizes that are no longer in stock. I send them over to Sisterhood of the Travelling Truli Wetsuit buy/sell group on Facebook.  I know many people prefer not to use social media and have inquired on other avenues they could sell their Trulis - I am open to suggestions.
In the meantime, scroll down for a few updates in the life of a wetsuit entrepreneur!
Happy Giver of Life Day!
Yours Truli,

Mia Toose
life of a wetsuit entrepreneur

I love love love when you send me pics of you in your Trulis!  This Mother - Daughter duo took advantage of a BOGO deal and got matching Truli-Capris!
sizes Freedom & Leader

I am always meeting fun people to go in the water with.  This is my customer, Heather - a local to Tobermory
sizes Truth & Fearless

Truli Wetsuits are being worn around the world!  Rosanna and her husband Luke are the owners of Superior Dive Sosua in the Dominican Republic.
size Leader

My creative juices flow in the way I want.  I filmed a demo video of The Fitting Room with Mariette from Toronto who replied to my request for a Wetsuit Model! Stay tuned for the final edit!
size Trailblazer

I love this 5.5mm wetsuit with the polka dots. It was so fun to scuba with the fish. The fit was fabulous. The fleece lining is so soft. It was easy to talk with Truli and get the best possible fit for me. They also gave some very helpful tips. I highly recommend going with Truli Wetsuits.