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Taurus New Moon Highlights
with Daniel Giamario and Awen Labow 
Faywood Hot Springs Eclipse Gathering 
October 11-15, 2023, Southern New Mexico
5 Things To Appreciate About TOTAMS 
by Naraya Naserian
Course 1 Guided Group Experience
 USA/Europe Time Zones with Levi Banner
May Group Mentoring 
Jupiter and Uranus, with Daniel Giamario
Taurus New Moon Highlights
with Daniel Giamario and Awen Labow 
As a special treat for all our loyal newsletter subscribers,
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Taurus New Moon Monthly Members Call
with Daniel Giamario and Awen Labow
recorded on Wednesday, May 17
Monthly Members Calls are being offered at or near the New Moon each month 
and cover all the major astrological and astronomical events 
taking place during the current lunation cycle.
Faywood Hot Springs Eclipse Gathering 
October 11-15 2023, Southern New Mexico
Since TOTAMS is now able to offer in-person events again, 
we are delighted to announce the 
Faywood Hot Springs Eclipse Gathering
October 11-15, 2023 
at Faywood Hot Springs Resort, 
Southern New Mexico
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A personal invitation from 
TOTAMS Founder Daniel Giamario 
On October 14, 2023, there will be an Annular Total Solar Eclipse crossing North America, quite similar to one in 2012. Both pass through New Mexico, over Roswell and the Trinity nuclear site. At TOTAMS we love to ceremonialize eclipses, and Faywood Hot Springs is close to the eclipse path.
Why Faywood Hot Springs? In the late 1990’s I have lived for some years in the Mimbres River Valley, just a few miles from the Hot Springs. The synodic cycle material which has become such an essential teaching of our school was sourced there. A friendship with the resort's owner, Elon Yurwit, resulted in the construction of a large stone circle on a nearby hilltop. The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School held many events there in the 2000’s. 
I feel it’s the finest Hot Springs I have ever experienced, and maybe the only one with its own stone circle! And, as mentioned above, the location is near enough to the eclipse path to have the full eclipse experience. I intend to be there!
We will set a price in the $300-500 range. Accommodations will be separate, as there are various cabin and camping options. We have reserved all the cabins for participants to book with a 10% discount. Bookings have to be made through TOTAMS.
Click here to view available options and let us know what you desire to reserve. 
We have booked space for 14 persons in the cabins. Lots of camping and RV spaces are available too. You can choose to self-drive to the event. Additionally, we will secure vans to transport you from the El Paso/TX nearby airport at no extra cost to you.
It is such a joy to again be offering in-person events, because heart-to-heart community with the land and sky is the bedrock of our school.
Love and Magic, Daniel
More info about this event coming soon.

The Callanish Moon Walk,
TOTAMS 2024 Annual Gathering is SOLD OUT. 
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5 Things To Appreciate About TOTAMS
by Naraya Naserian
This brief outline of 5 things she appreciates most about TOTAMS 
was part of Naraya's presentation “TOTAMS – A Novice’s Perspective” 
at the TOTAMS 2023 Annual Gathering in Oracle/Arizona. Enjoy!
You might also want to sit back and listen to Naraya narrating the (abbreviated) original 1973 Dane Rudhyar Seed People document, musically accompanied by internationally renowned musician, TOTAMS astrologer, and pioneer in sound healing John Dumas!  
Course 1: Guided Group Experience 
USA/Europe Time Zones with Levi Banner
for USA/Europe time zones
June 21, July 5, July 19, August 2, August 16
Europe: 7:00pm CEST/ 6:00pm BST
USA: 1:00pm EDT/10:00am PDT
Here is another chance to join a small group of students enrolled in Course 1: Understanding Birth Charts for a series of five personalized live Zoom Q&A sessions to expand and deepen your understanding of the online course material. 
May Group Mentoring 
Jupiter and Uranus, with Daniel Giamario
Friday, May 26, 5:00-6:30pm PDT
(find your local time here)
May Group Mentoring
with Daniel Giamario:
With Jupiter’s entrance into and long encounter with Uranus in Taurus, we will explore how Jupiter and Uranus can operate together, and the intent of this in Taurus. These two are agents of amplification, activation, and even enthusiasm. 
Any questions related to Jupiter and Uranus natal complexes, transits and the timeline, and especially their relationship with each other, are welcome. 
This is a monthly mentoring Q&A on Zoom. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and can share chart data in order to receive direct feedback from the founder and other group participants. Group Mentoring takes place on or near the First Quarter Moon each month. The main purpose is to provide an opportunity to enhance understanding and skills in various aspects of chart analysis. Each monthly offering will have a different focus, most often suggested by session participants. 
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