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Ramblings, Ruminations and 
Reflections of Daniel Giamario
The Astrological Timeline of Our Lives
The Auspicious Sagittarius Full Moon 
by Daniel Giamario 
Beginner's Corner
with Sheridan Semple
Saturn: The Liberator
New Online Course Now Available
Faywood Hot Springs Eclipse Gathering 
October 11-15, 2023, Southern New Mexico
Course 1 Guided Group Experience
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Re-Awakening The Sacred Self
Daniel Giamario Summit Presentation 
Ramblings, Ruminations
and Reflections of Daniel Giamario 
The Astrological Timeline of Our Lives
The Sagittarius Full Moon 
by Daniel Giamario
Also hot off Daniel's desk comes
The Sagittarius Full Moon of Saturday, June 3, at 8:42pm PDT, has a number of features well worth noting. The Moon is at 13Sagittarius18, the Sun at 13Gemini18. The great Royal Star Antares, the heart of the Scorpion, is currently located at 10Sagittarius04, and may be seen just above and to the right of the Full Moon. 
The Moon will again be out-of-bounds at 25S40 declination, or about 2degrees below the ecliptic. Antares is a good 4 1/2 degrees South of the ecliptic. A few days later the Moon will reach as far as 27S50. Meanwhile, the Sun will nearly exactly conjoin the other red Royal Star, Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull, currently located at 10Gemini05.
Beginner's Corner
with Sheridan Semple
Allow Sheridan Semple to show you
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Saturn The Liberator 
New Online Course Now Available 
This literally liberating self-paced online course is spread over 11 modules with 11.5 hours of information-packed video content. It will powerfully navigate you through the Saturn maturation process. Self-inquire about your relationship to authority, life structure, archetypal psychology 
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June Solstice Seminars 
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A foundational element of the TOTAMS astrological paradigm is an archetypal timeline of our lives. This includes cycles that happen to everyone at the approximate same age: 
The outer planet transits to the inner planets and angles, as well as the progressed Moon cycle. A major innovation of the approach is to understand the four seasons of a life, up until the third Saturn Return. We will be illuminating this timeline and offer navigation strategies to the main cycles.
This seminar is open to all, regardless of previous astrological background. 
It also serves as a great introduction to the soon to be released updated 
Course 02: 
Tracking Transits - Seasons and Cycles
Jupiter, as the “year star” spends about a year in each sign. Jupiter began its journey through Taurus on May 16, 2023. Each year, the school explores the ingress of Jupiter into its new sign. In the TOTAMS astrological paradigm, Jupiter is the planet of personal and planetary dharma: a combination of current life purpose intentions and what the world expects as our duty and responsibility. This seminar is about all things Jupiter and all things Taurus. Our focus is on the intent of this once-every-12-years event. Global historical implications as well as personal transits, complexes, and return cycles will be considered.
Faywood Hot Springs Eclipse Gathering 
October 11-15 2023, Southern New Mexico
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Re-Awakening The Sacred Self 
Daniel Giamario Summit Presentation 
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