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“Bruh, you are not gonna believe what just happened to me.”
Immediately, I popped out my airpods, paused my lofi beats, and put my blue light glasses on top of my head.
Before I tell you what my brother told me, let me give you a little context, First name / friend. You see, my brother is obsessed with this taco place just down the street from my dad's house…
He's also obsessed with spending every single cent he makes from the low-paying job he has scooping ice cream. 
No shade to scooping ice cream or low paying jobs, just saying the man does not have buttloads of money to spend. 
(P.S. My brother is 17, so you can't really hold it against him that he's so ridiculously bad with his money. Although when I was 17… I was infinitely more responsible. And yes, that's a wildly, biased opinion.) 
What all of that means is, my brother isn't just a customer of Danny's Tacos, he's a cherished regular. In fact, he's such a regular that for his 18th birthday, I actually bought him a Danny's Tacos gift card AND T-shirt…
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Any-freaking-who, that very morning, Ethan had gone to Danny's Tacos for a delicious breakfast burrito.
(I know, I know. It's not a taco, but their burritos are so damn good my mouth is watering thinking about is right this very second). 
The problem was…
He had forgotten his wallet.
So as he stood at the counter watching 9 of his 18 ordered burritos being made, he could feel his heart pounding right out of his damn chest as he fumbled around for money that was nowhere to be found. 
Okay, okay, it wasn't 18 breakfast burritos, it was probably more like two. But still, it didn't really matter because he didn't have a way to pay for anything, no matter how many burritos it really was.  
“Bro, they were so cool. They gave me my 27 burritos and told me I could just pay the next time I came in."
“That's sick, bro.” I responded. 
And it was pretty sick of them, and also shows just how frequently my brother is popping into that place.
But more importantly, I was impressed by what a brilliant business move Danny's Tacos had made because…
…you always hook your regulars up with an inside deal.
Or at least you should. 
And when I say you, I mean you too, First name / friend.
Because even if you don't sell delicious tacos and insanely good breakfast burritos, you've got regulars, they just aren't called that. They're called subscribers. And those subscribers deserve the same VIP treatment that Danny's Tacos gave my brother.
And here are three ways you can give it to them. 
Let them call dibs 
Your subscribers are beloved biz friends. They've actually signed up to hear from you and they like you enough to stay subscribed and keep reading the emails you send out.
(Like you, First name / friend. I love you.)
And as your business's best friend, they better be getting first access to everything. We're talking new offers, course waitlists, exclusive discounts and bonuses, availability updates, secret menu services, and the list goes on.
If you want them to feel special, you should be giving them special treatment. 
And at the top of the special treatment list is special offers. 
It doesn't mean you can't offer those things elsewhere too, but you should always, always, always be letting your subscribers call first dibs. 
Tell them your secrets
VIP treatment doesn't always have to mean discounts and special offers… 
It can also mean spilling your secrets. 
I mean, if Lady Gaga told you about a quarrel she had with her dad that she had never told anyone else about, I bet you'd feel pretty damn special, wouldn't you?
(I have no idea why Lady Gaga was the first celebrity that popped into my head, but we're running with it.)
Sharing ridiculous and personal stories with your subscribers builds an intimate relationship between you and whoever's on the receiving end of the email. They feel like they're getting to know you because you're actually sharing about yourself and your life. 
Like you, First name / friend. You know me soooooo much better than the people who only follow my IG account—and that's because over here, we get personal. 
You know about the time I tried to renovate my RV (and failed), that month I spent catsitting in London, embarrassed about being a tourist, or the less funny stuff like my rampant workaholism or why $110 made my dad cry after our beloved pup passed. 
Telling your subscribers about what's going on in your life—whether that's funny or serious—absolutely counts as VIP treatment because it's inside access to you, taken to a way more personal level.
So make sure you're sharing yourself with your email list. 
Don't go copy and pasting
Back when I was living in San Diego, my roommates and I used to walk to this brewery that was a block away from our house. 
They had incredible sweet potatoes fries, a delicious tuna salad, and a killer selection of hazy IPAs—which happen to be my fav. And because the place was one block away, we'd go… all the time. 
And pretty soon, the waiters started to hook us up with the friends and family discount which was awesome and made us feel like all the time (and money) we had spent at the Taproom was worth it…
Because we were being recognized and rewarded for our loyalty.
Now, if all the sudden my roommates and I had found out they were giving every single person who came into their brewery the friends and family discount, we would have been personally devastated. 
Because our egos would have been bruised after realizing we weren't so special after all. 
The same rule applies to your subscribers. 
Don't share personal and exclusive stuff in your emails and then use those exact stories in your blog posts, IG captions, and whatever else. You'll make your subscribers feel like you're just offering the friends and family discount to everyone. 
Repurposing? One thousand percent, yes. Copy and pasting all of what you shared with your subscribers? One thousand percent, no.
Your subscribers are the cream of the crop and you're building a 1:1 relationship with them because they've gifted you with the privilege of sending emails directly to their inbox.
Not only do they love you more than your Instagram followers do, but it's a far more intimate relationship because it's not a post sent to the masses with public comments—it's an email sent to a singular special inbox. 
For that, they get first access, exclusive deals, and the best stories. Period. 
And after that whole spiel, it seems only fair that I offer you, my beloved, precious Inside Scoop subscriber a special deal, so here it comes:
I'd love to pick your brain about this newsletter by asking you a few simple and open-ended questions. And in exchange, you can pick my copy brain about anything you want whether that's web copy, sales page copy, or your own newsletter strategy. The call will be an hour, with half the time split between my questions and half of the time dedicated to your copy questions for me! The only requirement is that you've read at least 4 Inside Scoop newsletters. 
If you're interested, email me. 
And that's all I've got! 😘


And that's it!
With lots of love (and a little bit of spice ),
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