Rebrand a Local Business with Me
Week 1: Brand Discovery
Hi First name / friend!
Welcome to Week One of my 4-week email series on rebranding a local business!
In case you missed my previous email where I announced the series, here's a link to catch up.
Thank you to everyone who voted on which local business to take through this exercise! 
The winner was…. 🥁🥁🥁
This is going to be a fun challenge, and I hope you'll enjoy going through it with me! Now let's dive into the first phase of the process, Brand Discovery.
Brand Discovery
Before I dive into any design project, it's crucial that I understand what the brand is all about, why it exists, and who it's for. The Discovery phase ensures that the visuals I create are truly aligned with the brand's essence and target audience.
My Brand Discovery process involves 3 important steps:
  1. A kick-off call with the client to learn more about their brand, offers, and audience
  2. A creative brief to summarize all the info we gather with clear, concise wording
  3. A mood board to present my proposed creative direction for the brand
This week, I'm sharing with you the creative brief + mood board I put together for Cornerstone's conceptual rebranding project.
Click here or on the image below for a video presentation of this week's Brand Discovery process.
You may also download the PDF I presented here.
Image item
Up Next
That wraps up Week One of this series! I'll be back in your inbox next week to share a few logo concepts (in black & white to start - you'll find out why later on!)
As a reminder, here's how this series is structured:
  • Week One (10/30): Brand Discovery + Mood Board ✅
  • Week Two (11/6): Logo Design
  • Week Three (11/13): Color + Type Exploration
  • Week Four (11/20): Brand Collateral
Get Involved
💌 Reply to this email and let me know which image in the mood board you think best captures the ideal vibe and aesthetic of the Cornerstone B&B brand!
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