Morris  Mist collection designed for Sherry Shish of
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Sherry sent me these gorgeous, batik fat quarters!
I lined them up in color value order just to get an idea of what I was sourcing with before I started to design the quilt. Taking picture then turning to b&w or gray scale reveals the values that the eyes can't see, or mistake. 
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I can't deny it, I love making big blocks, they just whip up so fast.
17" blocks made for a quick weekend-long quilt top.
From each fat quarter, I cut 4 6" squares and a 12" square. I cut the HST's in half diagonally once and used a 1.5" strip to create the accent. Squared up to 6" again and viola!
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I stacked each of the pieces in 5 piles and then rotated the top fabrics to the bottom to mix them up. I put all of the pieces together and numbered them in order 1-20 for the 20 block 4 across by 5 rows long.