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Waaaaait…. this Act Break looks a little different.
EYYYY! So glad you noticed! That's because I refreshed it to match my new website for 2024, which I quietly launched a few days before Christmas last week. WEEEE! (Go take a look and let me know what you think!) 
Now, wait—before I dive into some end-of year updates, I've got a New Year's series to finish. (And judging by the overwhelmingly positive response I got about these frameworks, I know some of you are on PINS AND NEEDLES for our final week of the series.) 
So with that said, welcome to the final part (part 6) of HOW TO MAKE THE NEW YEAR YOUR BITCH!
If you've spent the last couple of weeks worrying about finishing up 2023 and are JUST getting into the 2024 spirit now, don't you worry. Get caught up here:
Week 4—Get Clear
All caught up? Great. Proceed :)
So, you've got your goals and you're absolutely, positively sure that they're all within your control. Maybe you've already created some systems for them, and you've even made your life easier by removing any friction they'll take to execute.
But remember when we divided our paper into 2 halves and listed the stuff in our control vs. the stuff out of our control? (AKA goals vs. manifestations?) This week we're going to focus on the stuff out of our control. 
We're going to create a vision board.
I believe that the things that are out of our control are just as important as the things in our control. I also believe that the Universe won't grant you those bigger, uncontrollable things unless you're showing up to the things you actually can control. Which is why, ultimately, both sides of that original sheet of paper are super important. 
While there are certainly other people on the internet who have more concrete opinions / expertise about vision boards than I do (and I've linked a few of them below), here are a couple vision board rules I personally live by:
  • Your vision board should be made with real poster paper, real cut-outs, real scissors, real tape. (No Canva vision boards, people!!!!)
  • If you'd like to create a Canva vision board in addition to your physical poster/paper one, go for it. I find it helpful to make one for your computer and/or phone background so you are forced to interact with it all year, even subconsciously.
  • I like using magazines, but depending on the zine, it can be tricky to get pictures that are actually representative of the life you're wanting to call in. If you're having trouble, use Pinterest or stock image sites instead, and go print them out to make your board.
  • It's not about the aesthetic vibes, it's about what each new element of your board represents. (Don't prioritize colors or aesthetic over the actual content of the board.)
  • You can include elements that represent both your concrete goals AND manifestations. (You don't have to stick to things that are SOLELY out of your control.)
Here are a few more vision board resources (that I'll be using personally, as well!) to make my 2024 boards:
And there you freaking gooooo! You're ready to Make the New Year Your Bitch, with actionable goals, clear friction-less systems, and some personalized manifestations. I hope this series was as fun for you as it was for me to create. 
GO FORTH, FRIENDS! See you in 2024 :) 


I can't wait to see everything 2024 has in store for all of us. Have the loveliest New Year, First name / friend!

CHAT NEXT year (haha),
Sarah Kleist