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Unpacking 2024
 Founder's Vlog
The Capricorn New Moon
by Daniel Giamario
Inanna - 5th Gate of Personal Power
by Silvianne Delmars
Your 2024 Transits - Part II
Group Mentoring with Daniel Giamario
Callanish Lunar Standstill
TOTAMS 2024 Annual Gathering
Re-Awakening The Sacred Self
Online Global Conference
Unpacking 2024
Founder's Vlog
For this month's vlog, we join Daniel Giamario 
as he starts unpacking some of the major astrological events of 2024. 
(Excerpt from the TOTAMS December Solstice Seminars 2023)
Covered are * Jupiter conjunct Uranus * Jupiter enters Gemini * Jupiter square Saturn * Pluto enters Aquarius * Chiron conjunct the North Node * The April Total Solar Eclipse including its connection with the US chart * Other 2024 Eclipses
The Capricorn New Moon 
And Its Potent Portents
by Daniel Giamario
Inanna - 5th Gate of Personal Power
by Silvianne Delmars
On January 8th the Moon was with Venus in the morning sky at 12 Sagittarius 06, marking her arrival at the 5th gate of her descending journey, the gate associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Here are the Sabian and Chandra symbols for this Sagittarius 13 degree and more, collated and interpreted by 
Your 2024 Transits - Part II
Group Mentoring with Daniel Giamario
Due to the overwhelming popularity of this topic last month, 
Daniel is offering you a second chance to get your questions regarding 
2024 transits to your chart answered. 
Also included will be to explore any timeline initiatory processes that you may encounter this year. As always, suggestions and strategies for navigation will be offered, as well as determinations of the relevant transit windows.
Group Mentoring is open to all and particularly useful to students of TOTAMS Astrology wishing to keep up to date with the latest developments in the paradigm.
Free for Premium Members! Look for the course in your Member Dashboard
Basic Members click HERE to purchase for 50% off!
Callanish Lunar Standstill
TOTAMS 2024 Annual Gathering
We have been waiting nineteen years 
for this next opportunity to be in this magical place 
at Lunar Standstill, When The Moon Walks on The Land.
is now a mere 5 months away. 
The stones at Callanish, on the Isle of Lewis in the mystical, magical, 
wild and windswept far north-west of Scotland, 
are at least 6000 years old and comprise the world’s largest ceremonial site dedicated to the Lunar Standstill phenomenon. 
This is the final Lunar Standstill within the 1962-2034 time frame 
of the unfolding Great Turning of The Ages 
and we are so looking forward to gathering with you for this epic adventure! 
We have some updated information which will be communicated
to all those who have made deposits and who we know are intending to join.
The Cosmology & Astrology of our time together as well as a day-by-day outline of the event compiled by Daniel has also been added to the event page. 
Our event is already fully booked!
But you are welcome to  CLICK HERE  and add your name to 
the waiting list to get notified if any spaces open up.
To learn more about the Lunar Standstill phenomenon, check out the 4-part 
Re-Awakening the Sacred Self
Global Online Conference
We are delighted to offer you a free ticket to
This event is an online global conference created by Frances Billinghurst,
bringing together a diverse collection of speakers, all of whom are offering their knowledge and personal insights as to how we can prepare ourselves for the road ahead.
These current times are filled with much change and chaos as the outdated ways that our Westernized society has been built upon crumble around us. As this occurs, we find ourselves standing in the liminal space between what is and what will be.
It is when we truly open ourselves up and listen to the deep wisdom of our authentic soul that the guiding light for our collective connectiveness is revealed. We need to set aside alleged differences and realise that we have important roles to play in this Re-Awakening.
* Please note that as Frances is based in Australia, this conference may commence on the evening of 28th January 2024 depending on your time zone.
All presentations are designed to open our awareness to the deep soul truths and sacred wisdom held within the sacred stories, found within our connection to the land and cosmos, and remembered within the cells of our very being.
will be presenting
What is meant by the "Turning of the Ages"?
What is the primary function of astrology at the current time?
Importance of the eclipses.
and his offering airs on 
Looking ahead … 
Upcoming in-person events …
Thank you, First name / dear friend, for your participation and support of the Turning of The Ages Mystery School.
Any questions or inquiries? Our dedicated team is here to help!
Totams Team 
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visit us on the web: turningoftheages.com

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