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We're on a Sacred Mission
Callanish TOTAMS 2024 Annual Gathering
 Solstice Premium Members Giveaway
Premium Members, You Have Received A Gift
3-Months Taster TOTAMS Membership
Try it out now, know your options
Cosmology: Navigating The Night Sky
 TOTAMS Course 04 Imminent Release
Medicine for These Times
Daniel Giamario interviewed by Beth Weinstein
Transits & Timeline Support Circle
Personal Support for Most Challenging Times
We're on a Sacred Mission
Callanish TOTAMS 2024 Annual Gathering
In only a few days from now, June 19-26, an international group of over thirty TOTAMS lovers will meet at the Callanish Standing Stones sacred site for our 
experiencing the Lunar Standstill, “When The Moon Walks On The Land”,
celebrate June Solstice together on a beach,
bring forth a handful of new TOTAMS graduates,
and most importantly,
come together as Seed People 
to bask in each other's great good company 
and make whatever meaningful contribution we can make towards this
Welcome to all who heeded the call and are joining us there!
It's going to be a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime experience!
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As the majority of our core team is part of the gathering,
please watch out for a few changes from our usual schedule, namely:
1) We will not be able to facilitate our customary Solstice Seminars this time round. However, if you're one of our esteemed TOTAMS Premium Members,
scroll down for the Solstice Premium Members Giveaway.
We've got a gift you do not want to miss!
2) There won't be a Capricorn Full Moon Newsletter.
This one will have to do until the Cancer New Moon in early July!
3) TOTAMS social media channels will mostly be on pause until end of June. 
Do watch out though for any spontaneous appearances, mini-livestreams, 
or whatever we might be able to conjure up in the moment!
4) As Daniel will be travelling extensively during the next few months,
some session times may be different from what you're used to.
Check our Calendar of Events, keep a look out for event emails and reminders,
and mark your diaries accordingly! 
Solstice Premium Members Giveaway
Premium Members, You Have Received A Gift
One of the most treasured perks of a TOTAMS Premium Membership
is the quarterly Premium Members Giveaway! 
So this June Solstice, as our in-person event is happening at Callanish 
to witness the last Lunar Standstill happening during The Great Turning of The Ages,
all TOTAMS Premium, Graduate and Lifetime Members have been gifted the entire 
Premium Members, you will soon find this course in your Members Dashboard! 
Everyone else, do not despair - we have a plethora of options for you too! 
To begin with, you can watch the classic Lunar Standstill Preview from February 2023.
3-Months Taster TOTAMS Membership
Try It Out Now, Know Your Options
TOTAMS Membership is a great way to engage with a community of like-minded individuals, receive regular astrological and night sky updates, insights and teachings, as well as the best discounts available on everything TOTAMS has to offer.
Our members represent the heart and soul of our school. Just like our Founder, Daniel Giamario, and all our dedicated team, they are Seed People, carrying forth the wisdom of the past to co-create a new world at this pivotal time of the Great Turning of The Ages.
Cosmology: Navigating The Night Sky
TOTAMS Course 04 Imminent Release
We are thrilled to announce the imminent release of our
fully revised and updated
This advanced astrology course can be taken on its own or as part of our path to full TOTAMS Certification. You’ll learn to identify the astrological players in the night sky with your naked eye and become aware of how our lives fit into the larger cycles of time and the turning of the cosmos.
The first modules will be released at the beginning of July!
Your guides and teachers for this course,
got together for a short promo video! 
If you have previously purchased this course,
 either as part of your full TOTAMS Certification package or individually, 
it will show up on your student dashboard as soon as it's available!
If you'd like to take this course on its own, 
for a very short time you can still take advantage of the presale price! 
Medicine for These Times
Daniel Giamario interviewed by Beth Weinstein
As a spiritual business coach, Beth Weinstein helps current and aspiring coaches, healers, and spiritual leaders align with their purpose and grow their business.
We are delighted she recently interviewed TOTAMS Founder Daniel Giamario
via Beth's YouTube and other media channels.
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Transits & Timelines Support Circle
Personal Support for Most Challenging Times
Join us for in-depth, personal sharing of how we experience the various initiatory transits, seasons, cycles as well as natal complexes in our individual lives and/or the lives of our loved ones. We come together to assist each other to truly be seen, heard, felt and witnessed in what we might be going through, support each other in better understanding and more successfully navigating these cycles, and deepen our sense of community, participation, bonding and belonging.
Free for Premium Members
You will receive the Zoom link by email shortly before the call.
Basic Members click HERE to purchase for 50% off!
Not yet a Member of our school? Consider becoming one now!
General Public: $20
We currently offer a FREE Taster Session for first-time participants.
To make use of this offer, please email mary@turningoftheages.com
Looking ahead … 
Thank you, First name / dear friend, for your participation and support of the Turning of The Ages Mystery School.
Any questions or inquiries? Our dedicated team is here to help!
Totams Team 
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