Pepin Tote Sew-Along: Link Wrap up

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Hello First name / there,

I hope you enjoyed the Pepin Tote Sew-Along! I was so excited to hear back from so many of you that you finished your tote or had fun working your way through the week's emails. I had fun connecting with you! 


I'm sending this last email for anyone who signed up after the last email was sent. Below, you'll find links to all the previous emails that were sent during the Sew-Along. Feel free to come back to them at any time. 


If you haven't picked up your Pepin Tote pattern, click the button below.


Wrap up of Sew-Along:


If you have any questions feel free to reply to this email


Oh! And if you enjoyed this sew-along, 

let me know which pattern you'd love to sew-along with next!


Thanks for joining along,



Photo by Ashely Yousling + Carrie Bostick Hoge of Making Magazine, used with permission