Welcome to yet another week of Dohful's Sunday Letter. For those new here, Sunday Letter is a weekly heart-to-heart newsletter started by me, Arushi, back in 2020. 
Since then I have been writing to you guys almost every single Sunday, telling you about the ongoings in Dohful, everything good, bad & ugly that goes on here!
But today's Sunday Letter is something different. It's written by Ananya, a college student who has been working with us for the past year and a half. You might not know her name, but I'm sure you have interacted with her if you have ever reached out to us on Whatsapp, Email or Insta DMs. 
This is her story of being in Dohful, and without further ado, lets get reading!
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Hey there, 
I hope all of you are having a lovely Sunday evening ignoring the fact that tomorrow the blues kick in. To cheer you up ( at least I’d like to think that ) it's me - Ananya writing this week’s Sunday Letter about how a socially awkward first year student hopped onto this crazy cookie team!
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So, towards the end of 2020 when things were looking a bit better I was emailing multiple brands day in and day out for a role of a Patisserie Intern. No, this was not the lockdown effect. I am genuinely good at baking (at least I think so!).
Even after a gazillion people ignored me, I didn’t lose hope and shamelessly emailed them again & again. Around mid November I came across Dohful’s ad on Instagram & sent them the same application draft I had sent to others not knowing that they are based in Delhi.
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Within a few days, I got a reply from them that it was an in office role from Shahpur Jat but they were also looking for an Operations Intern who can be working from home. 
I got so excited that I replied saying yes right away. Post which Arushi Ma’am, Chaman Sir & I got on our first call for which I was so nervous but everything went well and here I am after a year and a half!
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Since then I have been the Operations Genie for Dohful. From making sure that your orders are shipped & delivered on time to asking you how you liked our cookies
It’s a full circle. 
Not many of you know but I am from Bombay and currently a third year student pursuing Accountancy & Finance. Now, I am a professional juggler between college & work
My workspace not only includes my desk but also lectures and local trains and there is nothing in the world that I would rather like to replace it with. 
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Every single day, I get to work with the most humble people with a mission to make every single person fall in love with Soft Baked Cookies. I mean how cool is that. 
Just a month back, I had someone text me that he hadn’t spoken to his friend after a fight that happened 5 years back and to spark a conversation he had sent her a box of cookies
Guess what? They started talking again & are hopefully meeting up! 
He was so happy that I could feel his smile in the message. This is just one of the moments that remind me of how Spreading Happiness is not just our motto for namesake, it is actually what we do everyday and I hope we continue to do it for years to come. 
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And even personally, Dohful has had nothing but positive impact on me. 
An introvert like me, I have gone from struggling to utter a single word during School MUN’s and sitting in the corner in college with piles of books covering my face to now speaking to customers on a daily basis, doing con-calls with corporate clients and dealing with logistics partners, I am doing things I had never imagined earlier. 
A friend of mine who has known me for quite some time said that being with Dohful is the bravest thing I have ever done. 
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Surprisingly, even after all this, I have one complaint. The team has never met in real life and I am super bummed about it. 
But, one day…
Until then, please go ahead and treat yourself with the BEST COOKIES IN THE WORLD.
P.S. -  If I were a cookie, I would definitely be a center filled one! The newbie Biscoff ones maybe, because no one should be allowed to miss on those! Or the Nutella ones, because they definitely make the shitty things hurt less. 
Which cookie would you be? Hit the reply button and tell me now!
till next time,