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Hi friend,
Maybe you remember the advent of (mainstream anyway) period panties from a few years back? For a long time, there were no options to speak of for fat bodies, but no more! With the help of my brilliant assistant Kit, at the link below are nine options to choose from, carrying a range of sizes up to a U.S. 48W.
In case you’re wondering, period panties are panties worn by people who have periods to absorb the flow of blood, much like a pad! I wasn’t aware of them as a Thing until a few years ago, but apparently period panties have been around since the 90s.
Some of them can also be used for leaks or incontinence, but your mileage may vary depending on the product. A few of these sites even make panties specifically for incontinence and leaks.
Oh, and because I am perpetually sick of the fattest folks being the afterthought, these are in order of largest size carried to smallest size carried.
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"You can love what you see in the mirror but you can't self esteem your way out of the way the world treats you." » Gabrielle Union

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