Sandhill Sling Sew-Along: Week 5


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Welcome to the last week of the Sandhill Sling Sew-Along! I'm so glad you've followed along and I hope you enjoyed making your sling (or two!).


Last time (Week 4) we completed the final step of attaching the lining to the exterior. Here's a link to Week 4's newsletter. This week I've put together a short video on the alternate construction method I talked a bit about in last week's newsletter and video.


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Here's the video for Week 5 of the Sandhill Sling sew-along! Click the image above to play today's video. I'm showing a brief overview of an alternate construction method for the sling using a bound seam. This method is the same method used in constructing the Making Backpack (pattern available in my shop here). I do want to note here though that I DO recommend the drop-in method for the Sandhill because of it's rounded corners and smaller shape. But of course either method works! Do what's best for you. Gotta love options!


A few binding links:

  • Here's a link showing how to attach double fold bias binding to a quilt. You'd want to apply this in a similar way to the raw edges of your Sandhill. Using double fold bias binding would be my first choice.
  • My friend Amanda (Crazy Mom Quilts) has a great tutorial for binding a quilt. If you use this method, start with a 3" wide strip of bias-cut fabric and sew with a 3/8" seam allowance on the first pass. There's no need miter the corners because the Sandhill's are rounded!
  • I know that there seems to be a few different names for types of binding, but these two best represent what would work for a bound interior seam for the Sandhill. Also, if you have a certain method you like and prefer, do that!

Thank you!

I want to send a huge thank you to everyone who joined along on this sew-along! I hope you're proud of what you made. And I hope you're excited to make more slings!


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Here's a look back on the sew-along schedule:

Week 1: February 17th, fabric selection, cutting & fusing interfacing, strap and shoulder connector assembly

Week 2: February 24th, make front pocket (View A and View B), assemble interior pocket

Week 3: March 3rd, gussets, complete exterior and make lining

Week 4: March 10th , finishing

Week 5: March 17th (today), link wrap up and any loose ends!


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