Summer Sketchbook Un-Slump

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“Art, creations, words can grow and morph and transform with each viewing…Think about what it means to you now? Had the meaning changed? Does it impact you differently…Fall in love with it all over again. We need to indulge in our art and remember that its lifespan is infinite. Art doesn’t expire."
Amie McNee
Our final prompt for the SSUS *insert smile tear emoji* is revisit. We've been creating for a month now (!) and I'd like for us to take some time to revisit and reflect and see what it stirs within us.


Here are a few suggestions and questions to help spark some ideas:
  • Remember our warm up exercise? If you made a mark, consider revisiting it and deciding if you want to add to it or let it be.
  • Or make a single mark again and incorporate a detail(s) from your recent creations (techniques, colors, shapes, textures, etc.)
  • How has this un-slump been for you? Make a piece that reflects your journey and experience.
  • Was there a prompt that you had several ideas for? Or maybe you thought of something in between prompts? Try it out now!
  • Look at all the pieces you've created: take an element from each one and combine them onto one page.
  • Instead of revisiting your art, revisit a memory or time in your life that brought you joy. Use that as inspiration this week.
  • Is there a piece you'd like to replicate and try again?
  • Create a piece inspired by the events from your past month or from the year so far.
  • Was there a technique you'd like to go back and do more with?
  • Go in the opposite direction and think about the future. What does this look like for you and how can you communicate it visually?
  • Get inspiration from our awesome community! (I added photos from “self” and especially love this album!)
If you need to refer to any of the past prompts here are the emails:
Decide what you'd like to immerse yourself in and consider how you can approach it this week.

What are going to do for the final week? Hit reply and let me know!
Although this is the last prompt, you'll still be getting a few emails from me: a check-in on Tuesday and a final wrap up email next Friday with what's next.
Talk to you soon!
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